Prof.Dr. Ruhi Nalçacı

Ruhi NALÇACI was born in 1978 in Trabzon. After graduating from Trabzon Anatolian High School, he got his BA in dentistry from Selçuk University in 2002.

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In the same year, he started to work at Department of Orthodontics at Faculty of Dentistry of Cumhuriyet University. He served his military service in 2009-2010 at Ankara Gülhane Army Medicine Academy in the rank of third-lieutenant.

In 2010, he started working as an assistant professor at Department of Orthodontics at Faculty of Dentistry of Süleyman Demirel University. In September 2013, he received the title of an associate professor after passing an exam. In September 2014, he started to work as the head of Department of Orthodontics at Faculty of Dentistry of Black Sea Technical University.

He authored a number of articles regarding orthodontics in national and international journals. He worked as a coordinator and consultant in national and Tubitak projects. He is a member of World Orthodontics Federation, American Association of Orthodontics, Turkish Association of Orthodontics, and Turkish Association of Dentistry. Dr. Nalçacı, who is vividly interested in topics such as Invisalign (no-brace orthodontic treatment), multidisciplinary orthodontic approaches, maxillofacial surgery, is not only an active staff member of Private Dentomed Oral and Dental Health Clinic but also works as a consultant for EMATO, a company within the structure of Technopark of Izmir Technology Institute.

Nalçacı is married and has two children.